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Obscene Desire (1978)


aka: L’Osceno Desiderio
Director: Giulio Petroni
My Rating: 4.5/10

A newlywed middle-aged couple moves into the mans large mansion, it is soon known that there is a crooked-eye servant working at the mansion. During a romantic moment the man lets the woman know that perhaps she really don’t want to fully get to know him and soon we get to see the man (presumably – through point-of-view shots, it’s never established if it’s him or not – it might aswell be the servant) picking up hookers and killing them in some type of torture room within the mansion (again presumably him through POV). The woman starts meeting a local pastor.. as the pastor phones the mansion the servant who is picking up the call and attempts to deny any further contact by telling she is not there.. Now… – What is the reason for all this secrecy and what else is going on within the mansionwalls?

First I have to mention that i watched the ~90min version, supposedly there is a 100min version somewhere (according to imdb) but to no avail (afaik) – this might clear out some of what’s unclear – I mean fine things kinda make sense eventually, but it feels like a straightforward enough story to not have to have any confusion.

I like where things starts, there’s implications that something is going to happen, a certain mood is set with the haunting soundtrack, even some vouyerism going on (not just through POV but also through peeping and observatory shots) – This however is quickly left of and it is almost as if the man dissapears and the woman just ponders around in the mansion for the majority of the runtime.

There’s a certain degree of sleazyness and ventures into occult seances that makes the story interesting. But for me it just feels incomplete and lackluster. I can imagine appreciating this more on a second viewing.