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Wrong (2012)


Director: Quentin Dupieux
My Rating 6.0/10

A man wakes up a morning to find out that his dog is missing, he quickly gets approached by his neighbor who seems rather suspicious, mentioning that he is thinking about moving away. He soon hires a private detective and eventually gets contacted by a mysterious Master Chang. He em[barks] on a journey to find his lost companion.. will he be successful?

If Dupieux previous film, Rubber, was all about the magic of ‘no reason’ then this one is about the concept of breaking conventions and norms as we know them. Why not call to order a pizza and end up chatting about the logo on the commercial flyer instead. It’s always raining inside in the office where the man works, well he’s been fired 3 months ago but he’s still going there. People might die and the next day return without anyone within the film questioning it. Within this movie, these are all examples of the kind of logic that goes and there’s no reason to question this, it might have rained elephant turds and that would have worked aswell.

In the shell of a detective movie, except there not really anything to investigate, this absurdist comedy is to me fairly amusing. Of course I can’t help myself thinking about Lynch, Lost Highway would be good example,  when it comes to the concept of this movie but it’s simply not done as good – the dogturd-memory joke was hilarious but it came to late, for me it’s an alright movie that shows promise of a rather “green” director getting better.