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Kill’ em All (2017)


Director: Peter Malota
My Rating: 6.0/10

A nurse is being interrogated by two FBI agents about a classified case regarding the Russian mafia and a certain injured hit-man…

Starting of with a prologue briefing the backstory into an action-packed flashback sequence showing how ‘our hero’, Van Damme, survives a shootout ending up in a hospital. The rest of the story is from the interrogation point of view told through flashbacks regarding what happened in the hospital.

It’s fairly easy to cherry pick the negatives seeing as there’s a first time director effort falling into some of the usual pitfalls. To me there’s to much half n’ half, with no real main focus in the story-line – there’s the good cop / bad cop (Peter Stormare) interrogation , the flashbacks.. but also vignettes introducing the “bad guys” even if the only have about one scene each (pointless if you ask me). The main negative would be the locations – they’re just to every-daily.

Without spoiling anything, the ending is borrowed from a very well know movie from 1995 with a film-noir variation to it. (Spoiler →: The Usual Suspects)

The positives being if you end up searching up a movie like this in the first place then your ambition is probably not the highest either, and this is fairly well invested pass time. Having seen everything available (as far as english-language-friendly goes) with Van Damme so far, of course I have to watch this – and id say that it’s slightly above average and worth a look.







Fatal Blade (2000)


aka Gedo
Director: Talun Hsu
My Rating: 6.0/10

A feud between the American Mafia and the Yakuza is initiated after a drugdeal gone wrong – wrong as in doublecross with bloody shootout. Gary Daniels is Richard Fox a dedicated policeman investigating Bronson, the leader of the mafia – during surveillance Bronson gets ambushed by a sword wielding yakuza veteran but the police intervenes and brings the veteran in for questioning. The questioning leads to escape and a policeman gets executed after a car crash. As things turn personal Fox is now set on bringing down both mobs. Added to the story is a sideplot with a japanese woman seeking vengeance on Bronson for her sisters death.

Can’t really say i’ve seen all that many Gary Daniels star vehicles but the ones i’ve seen ranks somewhere inbetween unfortunate garbage (Fist of the North Star) and fairly enjoyable (Recoil, Blood Moon). I would say this one goes in the later category, starting off with plenty of action in form of hard hitting martial arts, shootouts and even a car chase. However after the initial mayhem there is a lack of action to fill out the rather unpolished story.

Overall this movie delivers to my expectations, it’s fairly enjoyable and in that regard worth the time, but a bit of wasted potential starting off on high octane but kind of trailing and never quite reaching the level where it started.