This blog will be dedicated to the type(s) of cinema I enjoy and anything relateable (that I do find the urge to write about) – a movieinterest that early on started with John Carpenter’s Halloween and various of the most known ‘violent italy’ titles by the likes of Fulci, Argento, Deodato, Lenzi etc. Today ranging somewhere in the realms of exploitation, trash, arthouse and worldcinema.

The type of content I mostly enjoy myself is snippetreviews that can somewhat summarize an opinion and give a brief glimpse into given film (an idea what it’s all about), and that’s most likely what ill end up doing here. Time will tell what ends up beeing the content.

To name a few fitting types of movies I do enjoy – Horror, Giallo, Slasher, Women in Prison, Pink Eiga, Pinky Violence, Surrealism, Gorillas, Hunchbacks, Kaiju, Vigilantes, Spaghetti Western, Eurocrime, Jungle Cannibals, ‘In the shadow of Nam’, Wuxia, Kung Fu, Terror, Blaxploitation, Biker flicks, Post Apocalypse, True Crime based, Yakuza, Gore, Splatter etc etc etc…

Ratings are pointless but you can see them as a taste-barometer.