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Wrong (2012)


Director: Quentin Dupieux
My Rating 6.0/10

A man wakes up a morning to find out that his dog is missing, he quickly gets approached by his neighbor who seems rather suspicious, mentioning that he is thinking about moving away. He soon hires a private detective and eventually gets contacted by a mysterious Master Chang. He em[barks] on a journey to find his lost companion.. will he be successful?

If Dupieux previous film, Rubber, was all about the magic of ‘no reason’ then this one is about the concept of breaking conventions and norms as we know them. Why not call to order a pizza and end up chatting about the logo on the commercial flyer instead. It’s always raining inside in the office where the man works, well he’s been fired 3 months ago but he’s still going there. People might die and the next day return without anyone within the film questioning it. Within this movie, these are all examples of the kind of logic that goes and there’s no reason to question this, it might have rained elephant turds and that would have worked aswell.

In the shell of a detective movie, except there not really anything to investigate, this absurdist comedy is to me fairly amusing. Of course I can’t help myself thinking about Lynch, Lost Highway would be good example,  when it comes to the concept of this movie but it’s simply not done as good – the dogturd-memory joke was hilarious but it came to late, for me it’s an alright movie that shows promise of a rather “green” director getting better.






Obscene Desire (1978)


aka: L’Osceno Desiderio
Director: Giulio Petroni
My Rating: 4.5/10

A newlywed middle-aged couple moves into the mans large mansion, it is soon known that there is a crooked-eye servant working at the mansion. During a romantic moment the man lets the woman know that perhaps she really don’t want to fully get to know him and soon we get to see the man (presumably – through point-of-view shots, it’s never established if it’s him or not – it might aswell be the servant) picking up hookers and killing them in some type of torture room within the mansion (again presumably him through POV). The woman starts meeting a local pastor.. as the pastor phones the mansion the servant who is picking up the call and attempts to deny any further contact by telling she is not there.. Now… – What is the reason for all this secrecy and what else is going on within the mansionwalls?

First I have to mention that i watched the ~90min version, supposedly there is a 100min version somewhere (according to imdb) but to no avail (afaik) – this might clear out some of what’s unclear – I mean fine things kinda make sense eventually, but it feels like a straightforward enough story to not have to have any confusion.

I like where things starts, there’s implications that something is going to happen, a certain mood is set with the haunting soundtrack, even some vouyerism going on (not just through POV but also through peeping and observatory shots) – This however is quickly left of and it is almost as if the man dissapears and the woman just ponders around in the mansion for the majority of the runtime.

There’s a certain degree of sleazyness and ventures into occult seances that makes the story interesting. But for me it just feels incomplete and lackluster. I can imagine appreciating this more on a second viewing.




Fatal Blade (2000)


aka Gedo
Director: Talun Hsu
My Rating: 6.0/10

A feud between the American Mafia and the Yakuza is initiated after a drugdeal gone wrong – wrong as in doublecross with bloody shootout. Gary Daniels is Richard Fox a dedicated policeman investigating Bronson, the leader of the mafia – during surveillance Bronson gets ambushed by a sword wielding yakuza veteran but the police intervenes and brings the veteran in for questioning. The questioning leads to escape and a policeman gets executed after a car crash. As things turn personal Fox is now set on bringing down both mobs. Added to the story is a sideplot with a japanese woman seeking vengeance on Bronson for her sisters death.

Can’t really say i’ve seen all that many Gary Daniels star vehicles but the ones i’ve seen ranks somewhere inbetween unfortunate garbage (Fist of the North Star) and fairly enjoyable (Recoil, Blood Moon). I would say this one goes in the later category, starting off with plenty of action in form of hard hitting martial arts, shootouts and even a car chase. However after the initial mayhem there is a lack of action to fill out the rather unpolished story.

Overall this movie delivers to my expectations, it’s fairly enjoyable and in that regard worth the time, but a bit of wasted potential starting off on high octane but kind of trailing and never quite reaching the level where it started.