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Reason to Die (1989)


aka Våldets Gator (Swedish VHS – Jaguar Film)
Director: Tim Spring
My Rating: 4.0/10

Wings Hauser is Canner – A bountyhunter and ex-sergeant who is sent to South Africa to take care of one of his own kind, another ex-sergeant who just so happens to be on the other side of the law slashing local prostitutes.

A typical good guy vs bad guy scenario where the outcome is predicatable but the way to the finale hopefully ends up beeing interesting. On the VHS-cover Wings Houser is beeing sold with a Charles Bronson persona, which is kind of funny as that is not at all the case – sure the major vehicle to the story is this cat and mouse game between bountyhunter and killer where Wings resorts to gun violence but to me his persona doesn’t even come across as seasoned or the silent trigger type, it’s just not convincing in any way.

The scenery pretty much shift between ‘the red light district’, shabby joints, church and your everyday streetviews – no part of this presentation really brings any excitement. There’s even a lovestory thrown in between Wings and a local reporter as filler material. If i’m able to throw something positive towards this movie it would be that it’s not an amateurish production but it’s just bland and boring.


Blood Delirium (1988)


aka Delirio di Sangue
Director: Sergio Bergonzelli
My Rating: 6.5/10

A woman gets a warning, from the future!, that her life might very well be in danger. Meanwhile, in a remote castle, the wife of a painter (looking exactly like this woman) dies on that very night. The painter now finds himself unable to paint anything but his darkest fantasies, as he was used to painting while his wife was playing the piano but that is no longer an option. One year later… In a desperate attempt to get his creative juices flowing he digs up the corpse of his wife but it doesn’t quite do the trick, however his path eventually eventually crosses, at one of his art exhibitions, with this woman who looks exactly like his wife and eventually he will find the way again…!

With a slightly confusing plot, things won’t end up making sense until halfway through. I initially though this first woman was the actual wife (as both are played by the same actress and this is pretty much happening in the first few scenes) and that the story would evolve around making sense to this but that’s not really the case. The continuation is all about the new relationship between the woman resembling the painters wife and how the painter after an incident where his frenzied servant ends up killing the stablemaid in a rapeattempt and how the aftermath of this event enables the painters creativity once again.

At the point of beeing within the odds and ends of italian horror cinema i’ve held of on this one for a while for no particular reason. This is indeed low-budget appearing to be a quick job (not necessarily a bad thing). What, atleast to me, makes it worthwhile is the couple of delirous scenes somewhere in the middle that feels kinda unmotivated. Employing more classic elements like the gothic setting which is more of a front for this seminal sleazepot – I won’t try to convince anyone to give this one a spin – but if you end up doing so it wouldn’t be a bad thing to watch it along with Herschell Gordon Lewis Color Me Blood Red as a doublebill of ‘delirous painters and the macabre’…





This blog will be dedicated to the type(s) of cinema I enjoy and anything relateable (that I do find the urge to write about) – a movieinterest that early on started with John Carpenter’s Halloween and various of the most known ‘violent italy’ titles by the likes of Fulci, Argento, Deodato, Lenzi etc. Today ranging somewhere in the realms of exploitation, trash, arthouse and worldcinema.

The type of content I mostly enjoy myself is snippetreviews that can somewhat summarize an opinion and give a brief glimpse into given film (an idea what it’s all about), and that’s most likely what ill end up doing here. Time will tell what ends up beeing the content.

To name a few fitting types of movies I do enjoy – Horror, Giallo, Slasher, Women in Prison, Pink Eiga, Pinky Violence, Surrealism, Gorillas, Hunchbacks, Kaiju, Vigilantes, Spaghetti Western, Eurocrime, Jungle Cannibals, ‘In the shadow of Nam’, Wuxia, Kung Fu, Terror, Blaxploitation, Biker flicks, Post Apocalypse, True Crime based, Yakuza, Gore, Splatter etc etc etc…

Ratings are pointless but you can see them as a taste-barometer.